West Didsbury & Chorlton v Barnoldswick Town: Experience!

On Tuesday 28th March, I went to my first ever Non-League game at Brookburn Road, home of West Didsbury and Chorlton FC. I’d never even heard about this team before moving to Manchester so I did a little bit of research on who they are. They play in the Premier Division of the North West Counties League and are currently in 7th place.

The visit to West Didsbury and Chorlton was for a University business assignment to ask some questions, but I thought I would write an experience piece about it as I’d never been to non-league before, and once the questions were asked before the game started, we were allowed to stay for the match!


The prices were really good as well! £5 for a pie and a drink – of course I had another cheese & onion pie and a hot chocolate haha, it was freezing!! Finally ready for the match, we sat behind the goal and took our seats, definitely a change from the Emirates!



The game was really interesting to watch, and definitely had a ‘sunday-league esque’ type of feel to it! West Didsbury started out really well, going into half time 3-0 up. It looked to be their game; and of course I was cheering and shouting again!!


The game finished 3-3 in a bizarre comeback from Barnoldswick Town!

Even though I attended this game as an assignment, it certainly did not feel like that! I really enjoyed myself again, however I think I preferred the League One football of Bury slightly better! Saying that, I would attend again, weather permitting haha!!


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