UCFB Charity Game [Post-Match Analysis] Interviews & Quotes.

Post Match Analysis

England dominated the charity game against Rest of the World at the Manchester Regional Arena, with a comfortable 8-3 win. A hat trick from Matt Garbett, and 2 goals each for Connor Wells and Cameron Brahney ensured an England win.

After the convincing win over Rest of the World, England manager Edward Walker said he thought ‘the better team won it’. “The whole team stood out” said Walker, “its not one individual, its 11 players on the team and about working together as a unit, which they did fantastically”.

Rest of the World manager Sean Elderbrant said “I think everyone put in a good effort but it is one of those things, it was a charity match and everybody put in a good game but I am still disappointed with the result”.

He added “I think Mark West stood out for us in goal, coming out from the back and skinned about 10 players, but I think everyone put in a good effort”.

Rest of the World forward Chris Monk said “I don’t think we were organised enough, we lacked communication, and I think the amount of substitutions made didn’t really help because the team was changing every 10 minutes”.

One of England’s greatest qualities during the game was their defence, and at the heart of that was Jake Rodgers who after the game said “It was a different tempo to what I’m used to with the 2nd team but overall I am pleased with my performance and I don’t think as a team we ever really looked threatened and it was a comfortable win”.

The charity game was organised by UCFB Events Co-Ordinator Dale Hargan. He said they ‘coped well with the change of date and the event still bought in a lot of people and ran smoothly, bringing in money for charity’.

£240 was raised from the auctions alone and £102 from the bake sale.


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