UCFB Charity Game [Match Preview – England v Rest of the World]

Children In Need Charity Football Game
England V Rest of the World
Wednesday 23rd November – 11:15 KO

The game was due to take place Friday 18th November, however bad weather in Manchester postponed the game, meaning it now commences Wednesday with an 11:15am kick off.

This game is the first charity football game hosted by UCFB, and its set to be a great match.

The game has been organised by Events Co-Ordinator Dale Hargan, to raise funds for Children in Need, a charity which supports disabled and young children in the UK.

In order for the UCFB students to be able to play in this game, they each had to individually bid for their place on the team. Bidding started from £2.50 minimum, but like any auction, there was the chance to be outbid by someone else for the position.

Rest of the World will be going into the game with a slightly weakened squad as midfielder Matthew Campbell is out with a late injury. Their team will be minimised due to a few players having to drop out of the squad because of the fixture change.

This will not deter manager Shaun Elderbrant who is expecting a convincing win from his team.

Englands Jamie Nevitt is no longer available to start, so Jake O’Connor comes in to take his place.

Out of the two sides, Ed Walker’s England have the stronger squad with six UCFB starters in the team, whereas Rest of the World can only produce five. Majority of the England’s UCFB starters play for the 2nd team, who are currently 4th out of the 6 teams in their league.

Rest of the World’s Harry O’Brien plays for the UCFB 4th team who are 2nd out of 5 in their league, and also ROW’s Brendan Lilley and Mark West play for the 1st team, who are 3rd out of 6 in the Bucks league.

The game is free to attend at the Manchester Regional Arena, but donations are certainly welcomed.

England: Matthew Annis, Mike Heald, Jack Towers, Will Butcher, Connor Wells, Jake Parr, Cameron Brahney, Connor Gallon, James Campbell, Jake O’Connor, Riegan Thompson, Nick Pratt, Ben Moran, Reece Kirkwood, Matthew Freestone, Declan Allen-Stokes, Callum Humphries, Kurt McWhirter, Matthew Garbett.
Manager: Edward Walker

Rest of the World: Mark West, Ben Pugh, Darren Murray, Jay Karabel, Joshua Bunting, Wes McGrath, Chris Monk, Ethan Mooney, Nathan Price, Balal Zahid, Harry O’Brien, Brendan Lilley, Hasan Bhatti, Kyle Mowbray
Manager: Shaun ElderbrantScreen Shot 2016-12-12 at 17.30.25.png


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